When I am Quiet on Maui
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Did you know... at more than 2,400 miles from the nearest continent, the Hawaiian islands are

                               the most remote group of islands in the world?

Did you know... Hawai‘i is home to plants and animals found nowhere else on earth?

Did you know... the Nene is one of the rarest and most endangered waterfowl on the planet?

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Did you know... the last two Hawaiian Po‘ouli (poe-oh-oo-lee, honeycreeper) in the whole

                                world, live on Maui?

Did you know... that Hawaii is actually correctly spelled Hawai‘i?  The diacritical mark

                                is called an ‘okina (oh-key-nah) and looks like a backwards apostrophe.

Did you know... that the ‘okina (oh-key-nah) is a consonant and can change the meaning of a

                                word? (pau = all done, but pa‘u = smudge)

Some fun facts about Hawai‘i... you won’t find them in Riley’s books, but since you’re on this site...we figure you just might be interested in learning more about the islands...

This title found its way into the Hawaii State Society’s Inaugural Ball Gift Baskets for President Obama, and the annual Maui Film Festival Celebrity Gift Baskets!

Fun fact about this book: Maui's mayor selected "When I am Quiet on Maui" as one of the items representing life on our island for the time capsule that was buried during a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of Maui county -- the time capsule will be opened in 100 years. I'm not telling what I inscribed in the book. You'll have to ask your great great great grandkids.

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Catch the sun rise on Maui's dormant volcano, snorkel on the west side, stretch out in an upcountry pasture and listen to the rain in Ha'iku (Hah-ee-koo).

Meet a curious horse, a cozy nene (nay-nay), a sleepy jackson chameleon and a pot-belly pig with perfectly pink lips.

Expand your Hawaiian vocabulary. Footnotes and a glossary make it easy to reference definitions, as well as master pronunciation.

Also have fun searching for words carefully hidden in Riley's vibrant illustrations.

Made in Hawaii by children’s author Judi Riley

copyright 2015

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“When I am Quiet on Maui Coloring Book”

written & illustrated

by Judi Riley

SoftCover: 40 pages

Publisher: Tiki Tales

Language: English & Hawaiian

ISBN-10: 1539823105

ISBN-13: 978-1539823100

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